Studio in the Clouds produces 40% – 50% more energy than it consumes. Using a combination of passive solar, hot water solar panels, geothermal tubing, and AC solar panels the site provides all of it’s own energy needs plus some of its neighbors.


Energy consumption in our daily lives is rapidly becoming a concern for many people.  Our goal is to demonstrate some of the ways that success and the ‘American Dream’ can be attained without overly polluting or misusing the earths resources.
Alan was inspired to find new ways of building when he heard about 2 new coal fired power plants proposed for the 4 corners area of Western Colorado.

With the new technology available it seemed thoughtless to continue using old and environmentally polluting methods. “We were planning on building already and I felt I had to do something to make a difference and set an example for others.”

With help of friend and contractor Gary Gross of Construction Services of Telluride, they designed and are built a unique example of sustainable living called Studio in the Clouds, which is both home and studio for songwriter/musician Alan Bradbury.

A passive solar greenhouse provides heat for the entire home on any sunny day (regardless of outside temperature) passively and actively distributing to other area’s of the house. The greenhouse also provides planter beds for growing food year around, and includes a fish pool for aquaculture.


Studio in the Clouds uses a variety of recycled and environmentally friendly products in its construction, which simultaneously provide increased insulation and energy efficiency, and also saves on time and labor costs during the building process.

One product, made by CertainTeed, called Form-A-Drain® is an alternative to traditional lumber-framed footings. The footing is the foundation, or “footprint”, for all exterior walls on a home.

The 12’ long sections of hollow panels are made from 100% recycled plastic and provide interior and exterior drainage. Form-A-Drain® also vents radon from under the basement slab and around perimeter of the foundation keeping toxic gases outside of your home. Easy and light weight to assemble, it eliminates the cost of building, removing, cleaning and transporting traditional concrete forms.

Another highly innovative product superior to traditional wood framing is called NUDURA®, and is vastly superior to traditional wood framing.  You set up interlocking forms made from polystyrene foam, and pour concrete right inside.

No need to build and remove wooden forms, and the insulating capacity of the expanded polystyrene foam combined with the structural strength and thermal mass of concrete makes NUDURA® walls stronger than typical poured or concrete block and up to 2x more energy efficient than framed walls, also providing superior mold resistance, with no gaps to collect moisture.


Solar & Greenhouse

Greenhouse 3

The 13,000sq. ft. house includes:

  • Wood-working Barn

3-car garage

Gourmet Kitchen

Great Room w/fireplace, deck, flat screen TV

Organic greenhouse

Catwalk around 2nd level offering many nooks

Recording Tower

Recording Control Room

Recording Live Room

Engineer apartment

Engineer/Control Room lounge


Lower level with fireplace, pool table, and laundry

3 Separate Guest Rooms and other sleeping areas

Detached octagon bedroom

90 Acres of forest and pastureland with beautiful mountain and canyon views

Over 2 miles of walking paths

Trout pond and trout stream

Beaver dams

Separate detached barn/wood shop/chicken coop