The Studio

The Recording Studio:

Control Room 2

The control room here at Studio In The Clouds is one of the most amazing feats aesthetically pleasing audio acoustics.  Front to back, side to side, this room has one of the most linear frequency responses seen anywhere.  Thanks to a co-op design by Vincent Amaury van Haaff and John Jacob, and an incredible amount of absorption and diffusion we have created a unique and sonically superior room.  Everything start to finish was hand wired by only two individuals that have between them 30+ years of soldering experience.  The control room also features an upstairs balcony that can be used as a lounge, or simply a different listening experience.

Control Room 6

Live Room

Live Room 4 (1)

Not a single detail has been overlooked inside Studio In The Clouds.  The live rooms feels like an intimate venue, which it can easily be turned into.  There is a timeless selection of instruments that have been collected over decades ready to be used either for rehearsals or recording.  With 37’ ceilings, a lounge area inside the live room, two separate isolation rooms,  and an all glass tower the possibilities to create your own sound is limitless.

There are multiple other areas available for resting, eating, and taking breaks.


•DW Maple Collector Series (6 piece)

•Bass Drum – 16×22, DW 9000 pedal

•Snare – 5×14

•Hi Hat – 13″ Zildjian Mastersound Hi Hat, DW 9000 pedal

•Tom Toms – 10×12, 11×13, 16×16

•Cymbals – 15″ and 17″ Zildjian Fast Crash, 20″ Zildjian Ping Ride

•Throne – CP3100

•All DW hardware

Bass Amps

•Speaker Cabinets: GK Neo 115 III, GK Neo 410

•Head: GK 700RB Mark II

•Roland Bass Cube 20XL

Guitar Amps

•Grid 1 BPT212 (custom boutique)

•Crate Acoustic CA6110D

•Peavey Express 112

•Fender Deluxe

•Fender Super Reverb

•Super Lead 130 Mk.6 (custom boutique)

•Roland AC-60 Acoustic Chorus


•PRS Custom – 1988

•1961 Fender Strat

•Collins mahogany acoustic

  • (2) Godin Nylon Electric acoustic


Godin Freeway Classic electric

•Dobro w/ Rarebird custom pickups

•Pedulla 4-string fretted bass guitar

Keyboard Amps

•Roland KC550

•Roland Jazz Chorus-120


•(2) Yamaha NU1 Hybrid Piano

•Yamaha Motif ES8

Standalone Microphone Preamps

Manley dual mono

  • Grace M-101
  • 500 Series Units
  •     Purple Sweet 10 #1:

5 Grace m501

5 Forssell SMP-500

Purple Sweet 10 #2:

2 Neve 1073LB

API 512c

BAE 312

Purple Pants Pre

Radial Power Tube

Maäg PREQ4

API 527

2 Kush Electra EQ

Standalone Dynamics

Tube Tech CL 1B

2 Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X


    Control Room –

SPL 2381 Monitor and Talkback Controller

2 Genelec 1032a

2 M-Audio BM4a

    Live Room –

Furman HDS-6 Headphone Distribution System

2 JBL 515XT Eon

Soundcraft GB2R 12/2

Lexicon MX-200

Roland CD2U Recorder


ProTools 10HD

HD3 Accel

Apogee Rosetta 800

2 Digidesign 192

Apple Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

20GB DDR3 Memory





2 AKG C414 XLS

3 AKG D2300S

6 Blue encore 200

DPA 4003 w/ 50mm ball

3 Heil PR-28

2 Heil PR-22

2 Heil PR-30B

Heil PR-48

Heil PR-40

Heil PR-31BW

4 Neumann KM184

Rode NT-4

2 Sennheiser 421

2 Shure SM81

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Direct Injection Boxes

Radial JD7 Splitter/DI

Radial JDI

Radial J48

Radial  ProD2